Rob Richards          


Rob Richards has gained worldwide celebrity as a concert and recording artist, and is the House Organist at Disney's historic El Capitan theatre in Hollywood. In addition to his concert schedule, he has performed an astonishing Four Thousand performances at the El Capitan since 1999, playing the legendary Wurlitzer pipe organ originally installed in San Francisco’s Fox Theatre.

His combination of technical facility, showmanship and personality has won him fans across America and around the world. Richards was named 2005 Organist of the Year" by the American Theatre Organ Society, coinciding with his thirtieth year of concerts and the Society's 50th anniversary.

Variety (the show business magazine) wrote that Richards’ performance at the El Capitan Wurlitzer is “a special added treat.” Disney legends (Academy award-winning songwriters) the Sherman Brothers proclaimed Richards a “supercalifragilistic talent!” Film critic Leonard Maltin enthused that Rob plays with "musical flair..skill and showmanship."